BIRDMAN TopGun Team presents BIRDMAN Boogie 2015 @ Skydive Stockholm August 3. - 8. 2015

BMboogie 2015
Welcome to the BIRDMAN Boogie 2015 @ Skydive Stockholm, August 3. - 8. 2015.  The boogie starts with invitational first two days and continues from wednesday on with open invitation for everybody with 500 jumps, valid license and a wingsuit. We will have four days of different kind of flying and flocking experience with international wingsuit coaches for different experience levels. Time and weather permitting we will have seminars, big ways, 3D flocks, cross country flights above beautiful Swedish countryside, Sauna, Safety Meet, BBQ & beer every night. 

Location: Skydive Stockholm  - Lodging info about hotels, bunk house and camping.

Time:  August 3. - 8. 2015

Registration for TopGun coaching and boogie nights:  20 € / Day, Minimum 3 day registration = 60 € / 550 SEK, whole, 4 day, boogie = 75 € / 700 SEK Pre-payment and registration at or at the site, cash only.

Jump prices: Skydive Stockholm list prices SEK 170.00 (members) / SEK 190.00 (about 20 €, non members) SEK / 4000 m ( + coach ticket payed by the group. 

All wingsuits and experience levels welcome. Minimum recommended skill level for flock of 4. 


Birdman Performance Cup

During the Birdman Boogie We will also run an unofficial Birdman Performance Cup with newly adapted official FAI rules. We will have a briefing about it on Wednesday morning and seminar about performance flying on Tuesday evening. We also have the whole team at your disposal to learn the secrets of ultimate flight. 

3 x 2 rounds as follows (from FAI rules):

Objective of the Event
3.1.1 The objective is to fly a single wingsuit in three separate tasks to demonstrate a combination of best lift (time task), best glide ratio (distance task) and least drag (speed task). Each round of the event is therefore comprised of the three tasks. Each task is performed on a separate flight.
3.2 Tasks
3.2.1 Time Task: The wingsuit flyer is to fly with the slowest fall rate possible through the competition window. The result for this task will be the time taken to fly through the competition window, expressed in seconds, rounded to one decimal place.
3.2.2 Distance Task: The wingsuit flyer is to fly as far as possible through the competition window. The result for this task will be the straight-line distance flown over the ground while in the competition window, expressed in meters, rounded to whole numbers.
3.2.3 Speed Task: The wingsuit flyer is to fly as fast as possible horizontally over the ground through the competition window. The result for this task will be the straight-line distance flown over the ground while in the competition window divided by the time spent in the competition window, expressed in meters per second (m/s), rounded to one decimal place.

We will run the competition on the side of the boogie with the best of our ability. The competition does not have an official status (yet) so this is the best way to learn without added stress. We don't have many FlightSights to offer so please try to bring one if you are interested in learning and competing at the Birdman Performance Cup.


The boogie schedule:

Wednesday 5.8. (Day one)

Smaller flocks & 3D.

Seminar: Wingsuit flying safety, flight plan & gear. Jari

BBQ & Beer

Thursday 6.8. (Day Two)

Bigger and smaller flocks.  

Seminar: Cross Country flights, safety, planning & execution. Jari 

BBQ & Beer

Friday 7.8. (Day Three)

3D flocks & Cross Country 

Seminar: The history from Batwings to BIRDMAN First Flight Course. Jari

BBQ & Party

Saturday 8.8. (Day Four)

Bigger 3D flocks 

Seminar (to be announced)

BBQ & Party




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A Daredevil Named Tiny

B_Tiny Broadwick


Whenever you turn on your TV, sign up at YouTube channel, go to movies or read your favorite magazine, you’ll find wingsuits and videos of us flying everywhere. We have hundreds of millions YouTube hits, we soar in Hollywood movies, we have acted and inspired some of the coolest advertisements in TV and they write about us and our flights every day to their newspapers and magazines. 
I am saying “theirs”, not to divide us but to make a point that we get most of the press from outside our sport and that’s something worth to mention, especially if you know the history. In 1999, almost seventeen years ago, wingsuits were non-existent and their reputation was made of a mixture of apocalypse and horror. Almost no one had ever seen a real wingsuit and there was almost nobody alive who had survived the experience. Some countries even had laws against wingsuit flying and many Drop Zones around the world had their own private bans against flying men.
This article is part of my LEGACY series and it was written to bring some light about the history of parachuting and wingsuits for the people who are interested about the subject. I don’t claim by any means that this is the full story and I must apologize in advance for possible data mistakes this kind of information is prone to, and for leaving out many so many great stories and people. The world of aviation is full of so many amazing stories and people that we could fill a library! But this will do for now and I hope that you, dear reader, will get a bit broader view of what our sport is all about and where it came from.


A Daredevil Named Tiny

 Georgia Ann Broadwick was a daredevil who became an aviation pioneer. She was nicknamed Tiny because she weighed only eighty-five pounds and stood just over four feet tall.

 Tiny was born Georgia Ann Thompson in 1893 in Oxford, Granville County. Her parents struggled to make a living as farmers. When Tiny was a child, her father moved the family to Henderson, Vance County, to work in the cotton mills. Tiny also worked in the mill to help support her family. One day she went to the carnival in Raleigh, and her life changed forever.

 Of all the carnival’s attractions, one event grabbed her attention—the parachute jump. Tiny watched with excitement as Charles Broadwick, a famous balloonist, floated down gracefully from a hot-air balloon high above the carnival grounds. She wanted to parachute from a balloon just as he had done. Tiny talked with Broadwick after the show. She convinced him that she could jump because of her small size, and he agreed to teach her. In 1908 Tiny made her first parachute jump. In a short time, she was thrilling carnival crowds with her feats. She was called the Doll Girl, and she parachuted in a silk dress and ruffled bloomers. Charles Broadwick adopted Tiny as his daughter, and she changed her last name to Broadwick.

 Parachuting from a hot-air balloon was dangerous. Sometimes balloons caught on fire, were blown off course by the wind, or even crashed. Tiny accepted these risks because she wasn’t afraid. She broke a few bones, landed in trees and swamps, was dragged by her parachute, and once leaped from a burning balloon. But she always loved the adventure.

 After watching Tiny perform, aircraft designer and pilot Glenn L. Martin asked her to parachute from his airplane. She made her first jump on June 21, 1913 and became the first woman to jump from a plane. Tiny also became the first woman to jump from a hydroplane, the first woman to make a water jump (to land on water), and the first person to free-fall from an airplane (to wait before opening the parachute). In 1915 she gave the first demonstration of a parachute jump to the United States Army. Glenn Martin and Tiny Broadwick toured the United States as a popular daredevil team. Tiny made more than 1,100 jumps, including appearances at the 1915 and 1916 San Diego World’s Fair.

 Tiny made her last jump in 1922. Her fame faded as the years went by. But she received recognition for her achievements later in her life. From the early 1950s until her death on August 25, 1978, she received many awards and honors. She was inducted as an honorary member into the Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles, the Early Birds of Aviation, and other groups. Tiny Broadwick, a big name in parachuting history, will be remembered for her contributions to aviation.

"Why I jump?" - The wining stories

Recently we had a competition titled "Why I jump?" where we asked our readers to write us about their motivation for longing in the air, or not. We'd like to thank very much for all who submitted their story and from them we have selected three that stood out from the rest. It was noticeable that we got repplies from all walks of life, from those who have never jumped but wanted to, from those who said they never would and from those who were still actively zooming the skies.

Without further delay, let the winners speak! Place goes to Robert, a 20 year old "Flying Dutchman" and his brave mom Cathey who supports his dreams no matter how scary the thought might be, kudos to her! (I know, I made my mom hold and assist with my PC on a bridge once, or twice).  



Hi I´m Robert, 20 years and I want to Skydive.

 I grew up as the youngest of 4 boys. My life was no walk in the park, me and my brothers grew up with hypermobility syndrome (my brothers also diagnosed with autism and ADHD). To be different has it´s price. You get thrown out of schools for not being talkative enough, you are put in to child protection programs where they apply for a disability for you – and the game is on. Yeah, It can cause pain, but I´ve learned to live with it and not to give up my dreams.

 I had a period where I became addicted to gaming because there I could hide away from everything. At that time I did not have any goals or dreams in my life – but after years of fighting I´m back home with my mom and things are going a lot better for me. I started watching skydiving and a dream came a long – I want to skydive and finally fly a wingsuit. When my mom saw that, she only said to me  -“if that is where your heart is, go for it. We will find a way. If you believe in it, you can do it”. So I started to look up everything I could to find about the sport and stopped gaming and saved every penny I could – because this is what I really want.

 The ppl from the disability program tried to stop me from skydiving. Even though my medical for parachute jumping was OK they said I could not. They wanted me to run a marathon instead. It posted a delay with my AFF, but it made me even more determent to reach my goal.

 I already went indoor skydiving and made my first tandem to see how it is on the advise of my mentor and my mom but it doesn’t have the beauty of the real skydive. I cant wait till the end of the winter stop to do my AFF and start jumping. I´m also looking up all the places to jump and other needed info, because nothing will stop me because I really love it.

 I see in other guys like me that their dreams are taken away from them, and they don´t have anyone who believes in them. I think its wrong, to take away our dreams – we are no sheep. I´m one of the lucky ones that have ppl who believe in me.

 I want to help boys like me to get in to the sport, if they really want it like me. With the support from my mom and my mentor I´ll help them to fight the disability program, where the ppl just wants us to sit still and do nothing for years – Remember, we are not just a disability, we are also an ability and the FUTURE.

 In the end I want to thank my friend and mentor and especially my mom who was a great example, who thought me nothing is impossible. She showed me that even one person with a dream and determination can change things for the better for many ppl.

 She is my big support and when ppl tried to get her to tell me and my friends to stop thinking of wingsuit skydiving it backfired for them. Not only is she supporting us on the idea, she started pushing for her own childhood dream of parachute jumping and will go with us.

 We already went scuba diving what she always wanted and indoor skydiving together and we both can’t get enough of it 

 While looking for as much as possible information together and to order some things for me she became friends with our mentor.

 cathyShe is also a big emotional support for a few other boys around my age who really want to become skydivers and when ppl try to tell her its to dangerous to let your kids do that she tells them “you send yours to the store, statistics say that’s even more dangerous”.

 She thinks its wrong how ppl try to silence us and make us into sheep who walk in line and said she will help us to no only get into the sport but also to see if we can build something up to make it possible for many other boys and girls like us she is an big inspiration for us to follow our dreams and the proof that anything is possible if you really believe in it.

 I do know she will do it as she knows I will succeed, because i am like her."


BIRDMAN: A very touching story that literally and metaphorically touched the sky! We wish you can start your AFF training soon and you can keep on fulfilling your dreams. All the best to you from all our team and Blue Skies mate!!


The 2nd price goes for Boris:


Hi guys!
I'Boris, better known as "Gibolin" in Switzerland and other places. Been flying for 20 years and stopped one fine day, during a great jump with friends around. I've spent 10 years developping wingsuits solo, built 3 great prototypes that worked beyond any expectations. I've quit due to new reality in my life: 3 adorable kids. My new wish in life was to spend more time watching them grow. So I've transferred my skydiving time into daddy's time. What I wish to tell now is that there is a life after skydiving. I was also fed up watching good friends dying from jumping. Now I'm learning surfing in Costa Rica with my wife and kids. No stress, no pressure nor fear anymore. Just pure joy and fun. Have you ever met old skydivers? I mean ages 80 or more? There are just a few, mostly broken everywhere. Here I meet great seniors, riding their longboards in style. I want to be one of the them when I'm old.
Time flies, like the birdmen!
Take advantage of the present moment guys. Fly good and fly safe. There are so many beauties waiting for you later, everywhere around our beautiful planet! Open your mind, see above the horizon!...
Blue Sky, and great rides! 


BIRDMAN:  We loved this story because of it's message that there is life after skydiving as well, especially if you choose another extremesport like surfing or family life! ;-D Congrats mate!


And the 3rd price goes for Björn from Norway:

 I fly because it's the one thing that realy makes me relax! It's terapy to my mind in a stressed familymans daily struggle.

I fly because i realy love to se my friends in the air with the best smile you can possibly get! it's showing pure joy!
I fly because it's me.
Blue skies
BIRDMAN: Björn short but to the point pretty much sums it up why we do it and is a deserved winner! Huge congartulations to all of you, your prices; a handgrafted skydiver's silver pin and gift certificate is in mail!  


 Skydivers Blue Skies Black Death pin from BIRDMANSHOP.


BIRDMAN TopGun Team presents BIRDMAN Boogie 2014 @ Skydive Stockholm August 12. - 16. 2014


Welcome to the BIRDMAN Boogie 2014 @ Skydive Stockholm, August 12. - 16. 2014.  The boogie starts with invitational first two days and continues from thursday on with open invitation for everybody with 500 jumps, valid license and a wingsuit. We will have a long weekend of fun, flocks, seminars and big ways during the weekend. 
Location: Skydive Stockholm
Time:  August 12. - 16. 2014
Jump prices: Skydive Stockholm list prices ( + coach ticket by the group. 
Boogie fee:  500 SEK (includes 3 days of coaching & organizing by TopGun team, nightly seminars, demos, FFC training, Friday nights BBQ and Saturday nights party). 
All wingsuits and experience level welcome. 
The boogie schedule:
Tuesday 12.8.
  • Invitational.
Wednesday 13.8.
  • Invitational. 
Thursday 14.8.
  • Open 
    • Smaller flocks. 
    • FFC
    • Seminar (Wingsuit flying safety with modern wingsuits & gear): Jari
Friday 15.8.
  • Open
    • Bigger and smaller flocks.  
    • FFC
    • Seminar (History of wingsuits and modern First Flight Course): Jari
    • BBQ
Saturday 16.8.
  • Open
    • Bigger flocks, possibly formation loads,   
    • FFC
    • Seminar (to be announced)
    • Party

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New Authorized BIRDMAN® Dealer in Russia


129223, Russia, Moscow, prospekt Mira, 119-452,

Tel: +79160088282, +79636222282



New Authorized BIRDMAN® Dealer in Finland

Vaihtoehtohypyt Oy

Mr. Janne Saikko

Tel: +358504869248








We are very proud to announce a new distributor for BIRDMAN® wingsuits and watches. ChutingStar one of the biggest and most professional speciality stores focusing on skydiving and extreme sport enthusiasts. ChutingStar will offer the whole range of BIRDMAN® products in the USA.
Skydiving and Skate SuperStore!

Clickable ChutingStar Skydive Catalog at
Clickable ChutingStar Skate Catalog at

ChutingStar Enterprises, Inc.
1349 Old U.S. 41 NW
Suite 105
Marietta, GA 30060-7929
1-770-445-4000 (Phone)
1-770-445-4099 (Fax) (Skype )


Jimmy & Marta join BIRDMAN Top Gun

Jimmy and Marta

Jimmy Pouchert and Marta Empinotti are busy living the dream. They have managed to make a living doing what they love, BASE jumping. Both are part owners of Apex BASE, the largest manufacturer of BASE specific equipment, teachers of BASE jumping, and event organizers. Marta and Jimmy have been teaching skydivers to BASE jump for over 14 years. Marta has over 1,300 skydives and over 1,600 BASE jumps. Jimmy has over 4,500 skydives and 1,500 BASE jumps.

Their relationship is kept strong by a shared thirst for adventure and the love of laughter. Whether it is skydiving, BASE jumping, climbing, snowboarding or SCUBA diving, they are constantly on the move traveling the world in pursuit of some form of excitement. Their adventures have taken them around the globe many times over and they have no plans of ever stopping. Together, they have organized 6 separate Go Fast Games from the Royal Gorge Bridge in Cañon City, Colorado. They also have taken over 40 clients to jump from Angel Falls in Venezuela, the tallest waterfall in the world. They helped to organize and participated in 2 separate demo jumps from the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. And most recently, in association with Mextreme, organized the "Go Fast Baluarte Games 2013" event from the 1,200 tall suspension bridge "Puente Baluarte" on the road from Durango Mexico.

Marta has been in several commercials, a few movies, and most recently did a stunt for Discovery Channel's "Stunt Junkies". She leapt from the top of a semi truck as it drove over the Foresthill bridge near Auburn, CA. Jimmy also appeared on Stunt Junkies being reverse bungee launched from the canyon floor of the Black Gunnison to over 300 feet in the air where he then cut away from the bungee, went into freefall and then deployed his parachute to land safely back at the bottom of the canyon. His most recent stunt was at the 2013 opening ceremonies of the World Skydiving Championships in Dubai. In a rope/30 pulley/3 crane system designed by mad scientist Eric Strauss and Go Fast Sports, Jimmy was again launched into the air. This time the system got it's power from gravity. When a 50,000 pound sled of weights was dropped from one crane, the 30 pulley system translated the 6 foot drop through the pulleys, up to 2 separate 200 foot cranes near the backdrop of the stadium. He went from lying on a custom built sled tethered to the ground into a 0-200 mph in one second ride of a lifetime! Like a cannonball fired from the ground, eventually after about 350 feet, gravity once again took over. Jimmy said this was the best part. Hanging up in the air for that second, weightless, waiting for gravity to kick in. "Nothing in the World like it, all BASE jumpers should have one!".

One of J&M's most high profile jumps was a demo BASE jump from the roof of the Reliant stadium in Houston for the pre-game show while Aerosmith was playing on the field for Superbowl XXXVI. They both said that was also the most intense pressure jump with no "out" landing options. Marta said, "It was so packed, if we missed the 10 yard wide landing strip, we were going to land on people's heads. It would have been from heroes to zeroes in about 1.5 seconds!".

All time favorite jumps: Angel Falls, Cave of the Swallows in Mexico, inside a blimp hangar in California, a few jumps in what should be legal National Parks;), from the infinity pool on top of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Monte Brento in Italy, the Mushroom on the Eiger and pretty much EVERY jump in Switzerland, legal wingsuit demo jumps in Mexico out of the governor's personal helicopter wearing BASE rigs-into a super tight landing area in the City of Durango and over the Baluarte bridge, the various building jumps on the 20 day tour of Malaysia, Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, opening up Dragon's Nest in the Fisher Towers-Moab Utah, and from the Baluarte bridge into one of the most gnarly landing areas on the planet. They are currently residing in Colorado with their black lab Lua.

BC-B1-13   AG-R2-13   BM TG Jimmymarta

BIRDMAN flies Fuji san


Wingsuit flyers Jari Kuosma and Shin Ito flew at Mount Fuji, Japan yesterday 22.11.2013. Iconic Mt. Fuji, which is Japans highest mountain at 3776 meters and an active stratovolcano. The iconic mountain is a source of mystery and inspiration and truly one of the most scenic places to fly in the world. Three jumps were made from a helicopter flying at 12 500 feet and the flights will be shown in an upcoming Japanese TV documentary; “Jounetsutairiku” broadcasted by MBS. The documentary will feature Japanese skydiving icon Shin Ito who holds world records in wing suit flying and manufacturers BIRDMAN® wing suits. Jari Kuosma who is professional wing suit pilot and owner of BIRDMAN® captured Shin’s flights using 5 cameras mounted in his helmet. The documentary will be aired in Japan Dec. 1st. 2013, 11 PM at MBS. 





Last poses for the film crew of Shin & Jari after a very great day. Fuji-san on the back ground.


Mt. Fuji in an active volcano that erects to 3776 meters. Wind direction are from the west most of the time and the wind speeds exceed 10 m/s over 300 days a year. Team FujiBirdman was prepared and had permits to wait for three weeks for the right weather conditions. Fortunately, after only three day weather hold, three jumps were made November 22nd 2013. 


BIRDMAN Fuji 2013 team:  Eurocopter AS 350 and 15 member team BIRDMANFuji2013. The helicopter crew with 3 members, film crew from MBS Manichi Broadcasting Station had 10 members, Shin and Jari. 


Our wingsuits taking a rest under the Japanese sun. BIRDMAN Katana was our primary equipment for the flights. The brand new wingsuit design is made for to reach very high speeds to cover the maximum distance. 


Shin just before the exit, standing on the helicopter skis. 


Shin flying his Katana at about 12000 ft. The jump altitude was 8000 ft. above ground level measured from the drop zone and because of the rising terrain at exit point our altitude was just over 5000 ft. above ground level. 


Shin flying towards the DZ 3 km away, an empty parking lot that also served as a helicopter landing pad.


Jari carrying five cameras to capture all the action from different angles. 


Shin flying past Mt. Fuji. The holy mountain is about 5 km back. 



BIRDMAN® announces the first skydivers premium quality, 500 piece limited edition watch collection.

Professional skydiver and wingsuit designer Jari Kuosma has taken his BIRDMAN® brand to new heights with his newly launched watch collection. The first three limited edition designs are the result of passion to innovate unique, high-quality watches for skydivers, B.A.S.E - jumpers, aviators and adventurers alike.

These exclusive time instruments are designed to work and function in the most extremes of conditions, to withstand velocities and G–forces that can break a man. As is the case with all parachute equipment the watches’ designs follow the main objective - to tell the time and to be able to calculate the distance and speed in all conditions. This is done in true unmistakable and uncompromising style.

In the watches’ hearts ticks the finest electro-mechanical Swiss quartz movement, engineered for accuracy and exceptionally long battery life. The case is crafted from aerospace grade 316-L stainless steel, and a limited edition comes with black PVD coating. The case is equipped with an unidirectional bezel. The blue-tinted, non-reflective and scratchproof sapphire crystal comes second in hardness only to diamond. The watches’ etched faces are made of real carbon fiber, and the designs have a distinctive altimeter look, familiar to all aviators. Both crown and the case back are screwed down to make the timepiece water resistant to 100 M / 10 ATM. The straps are made from real parachute nylon that can stand thousands of kilograms of both sudden and sustained pull. Also, a classical thick calf leather strap is offered for more formal occasions.

WatchThe BIRDMAN® Watch sales starts in November 2013. Dealers are wanted worldwide.

BIRDMAN is an original, pioneering company in the skydiving field and was the first to introduce wingsuits for skydivers in 1999. Wingsuit-flying is the sport of flying the human body through air using a special winged suit. Despite the high levels of risk involved, the sport is growing in popularity, not least because it offers the purest form of flying humans can ever experience, and because it can be seen as the living definition of freedom.

Technical information BC-B1-13: • Movement Swiss Ronda cal. 5030D, 7 jewels • Hour , Minute, Second, Date, Chronograph, T achymeter scale • Accumulated, intermediate & interval timing chronograph • Aerospace grade 316-L brushed stainless steel with black PVD plating • Rotating one-way bezel • Screwed crown • Screw-down case back • Black, White or Red carbon fiber dial • Sapphire crystal, scratch resistant with anti-reflective coating, blue tint • 44 mm case diameter • Skeleton hands • Water resistant 100 / 300 / 10 (m / ft / atm) • Self Illuminating hands, hour marks • Special forces parachute nylon strap or real calf leather with aluminum rivets • Extra thick screwed down strap screw • Shock resistant ISO 1413 • 54 month theoretical battery life • 24 month international manufacturer warranty

For further press information, images or to arrange interviews please contact Jari Kuosma,, tel: +46709630069,



BIRDMAN®, the worlds first wingsuit manufacturer, introduces their highest performing wingsuit to date.

Professional skydivers and wingsuit designers Jari Kuosma and Shin Ito have taken BIRDMAN® Wingsuits to new heights with their latest creation, BIRDMAN® KATANA.

KATANA is the third wingsuit in the new 2013 lineup. Following the NINJA, all-around acrobatic wingsuit and the BLADE III, all-around flocking wing suit, the KATANA is designed to fly the maximum distance at the maximum speeds without loosing any agility and responsiveness.

KatanaThe KATANA wingsuit has large wings and special a quatro-wing design with new DRS (Drag Reduction System) system that channels the air on the top wing reducing drag and consequently allowing longer (distance) and faster (speed) flights, quicker and flatter turns without a need to maximize the surface area of the wingsuit. The KATANA layout and profile, although large, have been specially designed for high-speed flight characteristics without compromising pilot input and access to the pilot chute.

Technical info: Aerodynamically shaped, transparent reinforced sail material with BIRDMAN DRS. Emergency cut-away for arms. 10 mm YKK zippers. Reinforced 3D air-intakes with air-locks. Hook knife pocket outside. Two inner pockets. Reinforced 2 mm thick leather bootie. High collar. 210D double coated extra sturdy nylon. Semi- rigid long- and short ribs made from BoPET material. Fully breathable inner lining for comfort. Thick protective knee & bootie area. Leading edge: Aerodynamically shaped, transparent reinforced sail material. Thick, moisture absorbing back pad made from Spandex. Large size erected air-inlets with airlocks. Back deflector and leg wing DRS. Semi-rigid and shaped leading edge. 10 mm wide YKK zipper.

The BIRDMAN® KATANA sales start in November 2013. Dealers wanted worldwide.

BIRDMAN is an original, pioneering company in the skydiving field and was the first to introduce wingsuits for skydiversin1999. Wingsuit-flying is the sport of flying the human body through air using a special winged suit.Despite the high levels of risk involved, the sport is growing in popularity, not least because it offers the purest form of flying humans can ever experience, and because it can be seen as the living definition of freedom

BIRDMAN® WINGSUITS are manufactured and sold under license by Risk Control Corp. Inc. Japan.

For further press information, images or to arrange interviews please contact Jari Kuosma,, tel: +46709630069, or Shin Ito,, +81 90 2649 3828,

The thrills and dangers of wingsuit flying

The thrills and dangers of wingsuit flying
October 23, 2013

Consider This host Antonio Mora is joined by Alexander Polli, a wingsuit/BASE-jump athlete, and Jari Kuosma, the designer of the BIRDMAN wingsuit, to discuss what inspires people to learn to dive from great heights with a winged jumpsuit.



Testflying the KATANA

Katana testflyBIRDMAN is testing it's latest creation, KATANA, which is the third wingsuit in the new 2013 lineup. Following the NINJA, all-around acrobatic wingsuit and the BLADE III, all-around flocking wingsuit, the KATANA is designed to fly the maximum distance at the maximum speeds without loosing any agility and responsiveness. The wingsuit design has a quatro-wing design as it's predecessors but has a new DRS (Drag Reduction System) system that channels the air on the top wing reducing drag and consequently allowing longer (distance) and faster (speed) flights, quicker and flatter turns without a need to maximize the surface area of the wingsuit.

Over the weekend the KATANA was tested the same time on two continents. Jari Kuosma and Shin Ito were testing prototypes in Sweden and in USA respectively. Both testing sessions were recorded by major TV channels, programs will be aired during 2014.

Special thanks to Skydive Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb and Peter Törnestam, Ilkka, Mark, Mike, Mike and Matt from Discovery.

Article about testing session on a local newspaper here.

Below some random pictures of the test sessions from Gryttjom and Davis.









Kuva 2

Kuva 6

Kuva 8

Katana testfly

Katana testfly

Katana testfly

MARK SOLPER II: Jari Kuosma Talks About The New BIRDMAN

Originally posted on on Saturday, August 24, 2013 

Jari Kuosma Talks About The New BIRDMAN

Jari I am very honored and excited to have had the chance to interview Jari Kuosma, one of the fathers of modern sport wingsuiting and the founder of BIRDMAN.

There have been quite a few wingsuit companies over the short history of our sport but one of them stands out perhaps a little more than the others. BIRDMAN was the first to commercially produce wingsuits for sport use and has recently re-launched with new wingsuit designs and apparel for those who like to open their wings and fly for fun. Now with record holding wingsuit pilot Shin Ito as a partner, BIRDMAN is back to work testing new wingsuit designs and crafting some very stand out watches.

BIRDMAN is back and I am looking forward to what they will contribute and offer! Check out their new website

Jari Kuosma talks about his life of flight and the new BIRDMAN.

1) What motivated you to start parachuting?

My father was a private pilot and he took me flying when I was less than 1 years old. From there on I suppose I had this dream of flying and seeing the skydivers at the airport where my father mostly operated from, I think I got this idea that I wanted to become a skydiver. In fact, my mother has saved one essay that I wrote when I was 9 years old stating that I will become a professional skydiver when I grow up. Ironically, I signed up for my first jump course right after my father had died in -91. I always remember him when I go to my old DZ, the place where he flew and where I started jumping.


2) Now that you have been jumping for a while, what do you love most about skydiving? What keeps you ticking in the sport?

Well, to put it quite simply, jumping and flying just makes me so damn happy! When I jump I feel a kind of ultimate happiness, I see beauty in life and in nature and I get energized for days. I also think that skydiving is a sport where one truly has an opportunity to challenge oneself mentally and physically to the limit. Once your legs leave the object whether that's fixed or moving means the ultimate freedom and responsibility and that gives me something that nothing else does.

3) Explain what your thoughts were when you first noticed wingsuiting. Have those thoughts and feelings changed? How so?

Excellent question. When I first noticed the concept it felt like the ultimate way to express oneself in the sky but not being so limited with spotting and landing areas. I was thinking purely in the terms of performance, angles, distance flown and measurable things like that. What totally took me by a surprise, after my first flight and the flights ever since, was the feeling it created in me as opposed to measurements. I must say the pleasure of flight, the joy and feeling associated with it far surpassed those numbers that impressed the others.

4) What is your favorite part about wingsuiting?


5) Most people in the wingsuit world are consumers, leaving the designing and engineering to someone else. Tell us about your inspiration to start and operate BIRDMAN International. What caused you to take it to such a elevated level and how did it impact your desire to fly?

I have always been a kind of person who has hard time of accepting no's, ban's and prohibitions so if there is something that you want but it is not available then you just create everything you need and make it happen the best you can. Better the resources better the outcome of course, and thus I had very limited resources I had to learn to be the conductor who gets the best of what he has. Having said that, it is at the same time very frustrating because you have all these ideas that you know would be possible to do but you just don't have the resources. It also took me to the situation where I ended up working more and playing less, which in turn thought me what is important in life and what is not. Now I fly more and work less.

Birdman6) By checking out the BIRDMAN website, it is obvious that YOUR BACK! BIRDMAN has been re-opened for business. Tell us about the re-launch and what we can expect in the way of new suits and products.

Yes we are! :-) I can now admit that we had a nightmare to deal with when we had the manufacturing in Europe. Due to the huge problems with the manufacturer it just didn't work out at all for us so I was the most happy man after I decided to stop making wingsuits back in 2010. They stole our patterns and everything we had at stock there but I was so happy to leave them behind that I didn't care. I thought I would never make wingsuits again until I met Shin Ito in Japan. I am grateful to Shin because now I can focus on what I do the best. Japanese people restored my faith in business and intelligent human beings again so It's been a real pleasure to work with such professionals.

You have to remember that this is actually two totally different ventures under one brand name. Two totally different kind of product lines, multiple designs and different sales strategies all under an idea, ideal and the brand image, that BIRDMAN represents to people. That makes it very challenging and interesting.

Product vise, we have now two wingsuits out there and we are now testing our next suit, KATANA, that has some interesting aerodynamical features that have not been on wingsuits before. It is our most ambitious new WS design to date so that's also fun again. We are not entirely sure of the outcome so it will be hard to say to what category this suit fits but since we are not under any pressure it's just fun to develop whatever you want, fly it, and see what it's worth. I hope we can introduce it this fall.

Then we have the hard stuff as well, the first watch collection is now out there and the second one is on works. Something very different and exciting, at least if you happen to be a bit of a watch freak, like me.

7) Lately it seems that the overwhelming trend in wingsuiting is bigger and more rigid suits. Compared to just a few years ago, suits are radically different and so much bigger. How do you feel about that trend and how do your feelings regarding that trend impact the new BIRDMAN?

As far as the performance of the suits go, the trend is totally right, it is still going to it's logical direction; faster, longer, higher. Safety vise one could argue that the suits are getting much more to handle than we expect from some pilots and that may, if it hasn't already, cause some trouble for those pilots and everybody around them so therefore it's more important than ever to watch out for each other.

As far as the design and technology goes we understand that trend very well, in fact, we understood that years ago but we just didn't have means of manufacturing when we needed something new, it was pathetic.

Of course we have some catching up to do, learn a few new things and tricks in some areas but we also have some strengths that I believe even the battle.

8) What are your thoughts about wingsuit BASE jumping? Do you wingsuit BASE jump?

I have 76 BASE jumps, a few with wingsuits and it's been years since my last but my feelings towards B.A.S.E. jumping are as strong as ever, just more clear now that time has passed. WS BASE is the superman stuff we all dream of, ultimate zone.

9) What advice can you offer for current skydivers who want to start wingsuit flying?

Find your sensei, always understand why and how, if you don't, think until you do and have fun.

10) What advice can you offer to wingsuit pilots who wish to start wingsuit BASE jumping?

I suppose the above goes for this one as well? :-)

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Birdman® Charity Auction - Esa’s freefall above Tampere 14.-16.6.2013 @ Skyrace

Birdman will auction a BIRDMAN AVIATOR GMT watch (RRP 375€). Funds raised by the charity auction will be used to make a lifelong dream of freefall a reality for Esa Juntunen who has been diagnosed for Parkinson’s disease in 2009. Esa’s tandem skydive will be a part of a Skyrace event held 14.-16.6.2013 in Tampere.

Esa Juntunen is a 48-year-old thrill seeker to whom Birdman founder Jari Kuosma has had the privilege to get to know on his journeys in Thailand. The passionate scuba diver had to let go on his beloved hobby as the disease has progressed. Parkinson’s may have slowed down the body but not the mind. Since living right next to the Malmi airfield in the 90`s and watching skydivers go up and down, Esa got interested in skydiving but never had the chance to do one himself. Now we can help him achieve this dream.

The Birdman charity auction will be held in facebook:

Auction will close 14.6.2013 at 18:00 / 6p.m. (GMT +1, British summer time).
Bids can also be sent via email to: All bids will be updated to facebook and to Birdman’s website.

Funds raised by the auction will be used for Esa’s tandem jump in Skyrace. Any excess funds will be donated to Finnish Parkinson Association.

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. Main symptoms are tremor at rest, stiffness, slowing of movement and postural instability. Most commonly the disease is diagnosed in people from 50-80 years old. Parkinson’s is slightly more common amongst men than women.

Skyrace will be held in Tampere central square 14.-16.6.2013. Skyrace is a new mixture of ultimate speed and extreme sports. Competitors fly across the sky of Tampere using their wingsuits and after finishing race track in the sky they land. The audience has an unique opportunity to participate in the event through big screens showing video footage as they can also look above and see the pilots doing amazing stunts. More info on Skyrace website and on facebook.

Also participating in Skyrace BIRDMAN® - The skydiver´s brand.


BLADE III is very powerful all-around wingsuit made for experienced wingsuit pilots who want to enjoy their flight from exit to landing. It is balanced perfectly giving pilot 100% control of pitch and speed. It’s drag-reducing quattro–wing platform has large, carved and specially shaped wings for best lift, agility and speed. This gentleman’s race craft comes all included; four wings, semi-rigid ribs & mini-ribs, pockets, inner lining, extra sturdy booties & 10 mm YKK zipper and over the shoulder zip for easy dossing. It will be offered in 5 color scenes. 

All BIRDMAN® wingsuits are manufactured and sold under licese by Risk Control Corp. Please contact Mr. Shin Ito for wingsuit inquiries: risk (at)

BIRDMAN® introduces the first skydivers watch collection

BIRDMAN® is the original skydivers brand that is first to introduce unique timekeepers for the brave. These exclusive instruments have been designed to work and function in most extreme conditions, to withstand velocity and G –force’s that can break a man. Like all parachute equipment design, the design follows it’s main objective, to tell the time at all conditions, but with unmistakable and uncompromising style.

In it’s heart ticks the finest made electro – mechanical Swiss quartz movement that is engineered to accuracy and exceptionally long battery life. The case is grafted from aerospace grade 316-L stainless steel and a limited edition comes with black PVD coating. The blue-tinted, non-reflective and virtually scratchproof sapphire crystal can take harder hit than human can stand. The no-nonsense face is made of real carbon fiber and design has it’s distinctive altimeter look familiar to all aviators. Both crown and the case back are screwed down to make the timepiece water resistant to 100 M / 10 ATM. The straps are made from a real parachute nylon that can stand thousands of KG’s of sudden or sustained pull or classical thick calf leather for more formal occasions. This special edition series is all serial numbered, certified with international 2 – year limited guarantee and is offered with an optional custom grafted case back engraving (your license number, birthday, greetings, etc.). The watch comes in a black aluminum case. 

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BIRDMAN is back

Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the new website. It's been very nice time creating it and to work together with Tiina, Hans, Noi & the gang so huge thanks to you for making it, coding it and whatever you did to make it look so nice as it does. I think you guys did an amazing job and something I am proud of!

This website is obviously not the only thing that is new. Propably the most important new thing we have is our new strategic partner, Shin Ito, whose Risk Control Corp. company manufacturers and sells BIRDMAN® wingsuits under license worldwide from Japan. Shin is Japan's best known skydiver and respected record holding wingsuitflyer all around the world. Shin has been a driving force and co-creator of new line of BIRDMAN® wingsuits. Working with Shin has been fantastic experience allowing me finally to design and create what I want, what I believe in and to see the results with the quality I have never seen before in wingsuits, period. I have never been sewing suits and I was always dependable to those who did. I have seen good quality and so much of bad quality that I almost threw in the towel but working with professionals finally is a reward of long time coming.

I am going to make an pre-emptive apology here. I know that some of our old fans will be terrified to see price tag on the suit but unconditional quality does not come cheap. We agreed not to cut any corners when it came to designing new suits, choosing materials for them, choosing technology to cut and build. The best does never come cheap, nor it is supposed to. However, I dare to claim that the value of the new suits will be higher than the price tag. You'll see. 

Another new thing are the watches. I think this is the first real skydivers watch collection in the history? Anyway, it's my first collection and obviously heavily inspired by my love to aviation, B.A.S.E. jumping and skydiving. I have always been watch freak and this this took years to manifest but I am really proud of my design and I really hope you like it. As with the wingsuits, the quality has been again the main priority. We have used only the best materials like 316 - l aerospace steel for the case, real carbon fibre, sapphire crystal and almost unbreakable parachute harness nylon. 

The website is by no means ready yet so please excuse us if you can't find everything you are looking for yet. There will be more info added as we get ready with it and we really appreciate your suggestions, advice, hints and corrections. Please send them to info (at)

Blue Skies,