Birdman® Charity Auction - Esa’s freefall above Tampere 14.-16.6.2013 @ Skyrace

Birdman will auction a BIRDMAN AVIATOR GMT watch (RRP 375€). Funds raised by the charity auction will be used to make a lifelong dream of freefall a reality for Esa Juntunen who has been diagnosed for Parkinson’s disease in 2009. Esa’s tandem skydive will be a part of a Skyrace event held 14.-16.6.2013 in Tampere.

Esa Juntunen is a 48-year-old thrill seeker to whom Birdman founder Jari Kuosma has had the privilege to get to know on his journeys in Thailand. The passionate scuba diver had to let go on his beloved hobby as the disease has progressed. Parkinson’s may have slowed down the body but not the mind. Since living right next to the Malmi airfield in the 90`s and watching skydivers go up and down, Esa got interested in skydiving but never had the chance to do one himself. Now we can help him achieve this dream.

The Birdman charity auction will be held in facebook:

Auction will close 14.6.2013 at 18:00 / 6p.m. (GMT +1, British summer time).
Bids can also be sent via email to: All bids will be updated to facebook and to Birdman’s website.

Funds raised by the auction will be used for Esa’s tandem jump in Skyrace. Any excess funds will be donated to Finnish Parkinson Association.

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. Main symptoms are tremor at rest, stiffness, slowing of movement and postural instability. Most commonly the disease is diagnosed in people from 50-80 years old. Parkinson’s is slightly more common amongst men than women.

Skyrace will be held in Tampere central square 14.-16.6.2013. Skyrace is a new mixture of ultimate speed and extreme sports. Competitors fly across the sky of Tampere using their wingsuits and after finishing race track in the sky they land. The audience has an unique opportunity to participate in the event through big screens showing video footage as they can also look above and see the pilots doing amazing stunts. More info on Skyrace website and on facebook.

Also participating in Skyrace BIRDMAN® - The skydiver´s brand.