BIRDMAN flies Fuji san


Wingsuit flyers Jari Kuosma and Shin Ito flew at Mount Fuji, Japan yesterday 22.11.2013. Iconic Mt. Fuji, which is Japans highest mountain at 3776 meters and an active stratovolcano. The iconic mountain is a source of mystery and inspiration and truly one of the most scenic places to fly in the world. Three jumps were made from a helicopter flying at 12 500 feet and the flights will be shown in an upcoming Japanese TV documentary; “Jounetsutairiku” broadcasted by MBS. The documentary will feature Japanese skydiving icon Shin Ito who holds world records in wing suit flying and manufacturers BIRDMAN® wing suits. Jari Kuosma who is professional wing suit pilot and owner of BIRDMAN® captured Shin’s flights using 5 cameras mounted in his helmet. The documentary will be aired in Japan Dec. 1st. 2013, 11 PM at MBS. 





Last poses for the film crew of Shin & Jari after a very great day. Fuji-san on the back ground.


Mt. Fuji in an active volcano that erects to 3776 meters. Wind direction are from the west most of the time and the wind speeds exceed 10 m/s over 300 days a year. Team FujiBirdman was prepared and had permits to wait for three weeks for the right weather conditions. Fortunately, after only three day weather hold, three jumps were made November 22nd 2013. 


BIRDMAN Fuji 2013 team:  Eurocopter AS 350 and 15 member team BIRDMANFuji2013. The helicopter crew with 3 members, film crew from MBS Manichi Broadcasting Station had 10 members, Shin and Jari. 


Our wingsuits taking a rest under the Japanese sun. BIRDMAN Katana was our primary equipment for the flights. The brand new wingsuit design is made for to reach very high speeds to cover the maximum distance. 


Shin just before the exit, standing on the helicopter skis. 


Shin flying his Katana at about 12000 ft. The jump altitude was 8000 ft. above ground level measured from the drop zone and because of the rising terrain at exit point our altitude was just over 5000 ft. above ground level. 


Shin flying towards the DZ 3 km away, an empty parking lot that also served as a helicopter landing pad.


Jari carrying five cameras to capture all the action from different angles. 


Shin flying past Mt. Fuji. The holy mountain is about 5 km back.