BIRDMAN is back

Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the new website. It's been very nice time creating it and to work together with Tiina, Hans, Noi & the gang so huge thanks to you for making it, coding it and whatever you did to make it look so nice as it does. I think you guys did an amazing job and something I am proud of!

This website is obviously not the only thing that is new. Propably the most important new thing we have is our new strategic partner, Shin Ito, whose Risk Control Corp. company manufacturers and sells BIRDMAN® wingsuits under license worldwide from Japan. Shin is Japan's best known skydiver and respected record holding wingsuitflyer all around the world. Shin has been a driving force and co-creator of new line of BIRDMAN® wingsuits. Working with Shin has been fantastic experience allowing me finally to design and create what I want, what I believe in and to see the results with the quality I have never seen before in wingsuits, period. I have never been sewing suits and I was always dependable to those who did. I have seen good quality and so much of bad quality that I almost threw in the towel but working with professionals finally is a reward of long time coming.

I am going to make an pre-emptive apology here. I know that some of our old fans will be terrified to see price tag on the suit but unconditional quality does not come cheap. We agreed not to cut any corners when it came to designing new suits, choosing materials for them, choosing technology to cut and build. The best does never come cheap, nor it is supposed to. However, I dare to claim that the value of the new suits will be higher than the price tag. You'll see. 

Another new thing are the watches. I think this is the first real skydivers watch collection in the history? Anyway, it's my first collection and obviously heavily inspired by my love to aviation, B.A.S.E. jumping and skydiving. I have always been watch freak and this this took years to manifest but I am really proud of my design and I really hope you like it. As with the wingsuits, the quality has been again the main priority. We have used only the best materials like 316 - l aerospace steel for the case, real carbon fibre, sapphire crystal and almost unbreakable parachute harness nylon. 

The website is by no means ready yet so please excuse us if you can't find everything you are looking for yet. There will be more info added as we get ready with it and we really appreciate your suggestions, advice, hints and corrections. Please send them to info (at)

Blue Skies,