Testflying the KATANA

Katana testflyBIRDMAN is testing it's latest creation, KATANA, which is the third wingsuit in the new 2013 lineup. Following the NINJA, all-around acrobatic wingsuit and the BLADE III, all-around flocking wingsuit, the KATANA is designed to fly the maximum distance at the maximum speeds without loosing any agility and responsiveness. The wingsuit design has a quatro-wing design as it's predecessors but has a new DRS (Drag Reduction System) system that channels the air on the top wing reducing drag and consequently allowing longer (distance) and faster (speed) flights, quicker and flatter turns without a need to maximize the surface area of the wingsuit.

Over the weekend the KATANA was tested the same time on two continents. Jari Kuosma and Shin Ito were testing prototypes in Sweden and in USA respectively. Both testing sessions were recorded by major TV channels, programs will be aired during 2014.

Special thanks to Skydive Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb and Peter Törnestam, Ilkka, Mark, Mike, Mike and Matt from Discovery.

Article about testing session on a local newspaper here.

Below some random pictures of the test sessions from Gryttjom and Davis.









Kuva 2

Kuva 6

Kuva 8

Katana testfly

Katana testfly

Katana testfly