"Why I jump?" - The wining stories

Recently we had a competition titled "Why I jump?" where we asked our readers to write us about their motivation for longing in the air, or not. We'd like to thank very much for all who submitted their story and from them we have selected three that stood out from the rest. It was noticeable that we got repplies from all walks of life, from those who have never jumped but wanted to, from those who said they never would and from those who were still actively zooming the skies.

Without further delay, let the winners speak! 

 1.st Place goes to Robert, a 20 year old "Flying Dutchman" and his brave mom Cathey who supports his dreams no matter how scary the thought might be, kudos to her! (I know, I made my mom hold and assist with my PC on a bridge once, or twice).  



Hi I´m Robert, 20 years and I want to Skydive.

 I grew up as the youngest of 4 boys. My life was no walk in the park, me and my brothers grew up with hypermobility syndrome (my brothers also diagnosed with autism and ADHD). To be different has it´s price. You get thrown out of schools for not being talkative enough, you are put in to child protection programs where they apply for a disability for you – and the game is on. Yeah, It can cause pain, but I´ve learned to live with it and not to give up my dreams.

 I had a period where I became addicted to gaming because there I could hide away from everything. At that time I did not have any goals or dreams in my life – but after years of fighting I´m back home with my mom and things are going a lot better for me. I started watching skydiving and a dream came a long – I want to skydive and finally fly a wingsuit. When my mom saw that, she only said to me  -“if that is where your heart is, go for it. We will find a way. If you believe in it, you can do it”. So I started to look up everything I could to find about the sport and stopped gaming and saved every penny I could – because this is what I really want.

 The ppl from the disability program tried to stop me from skydiving. Even though my medical for parachute jumping was OK they said I could not. They wanted me to run a marathon instead. It posted a delay with my AFF, but it made me even more determent to reach my goal.

 I already went indoor skydiving and made my first tandem to see how it is on the advise of my mentor and my mom but it doesn’t have the beauty of the real skydive. I cant wait till the end of the winter stop to do my AFF and start jumping. I´m also looking up all the places to jump and other needed info, because nothing will stop me because I really love it.

 I see in other guys like me that their dreams are taken away from them, and they don´t have anyone who believes in them. I think its wrong, to take away our dreams – we are no sheep. I´m one of the lucky ones that have ppl who believe in me.

 I want to help boys like me to get in to the sport, if they really want it like me. With the support from my mom and my mentor I´ll help them to fight the disability program, where the ppl just wants us to sit still and do nothing for years – Remember, we are not just a disability, we are also an ability and the FUTURE.

 In the end I want to thank my friend and mentor and especially my mom who was a great example, who thought me nothing is impossible. She showed me that even one person with a dream and determination can change things for the better for many ppl.

 She is my big support and when ppl tried to get her to tell me and my friends to stop thinking of wingsuit skydiving it backfired for them. Not only is she supporting us on the idea, she started pushing for her own childhood dream of parachute jumping and will go with us.

 We already went scuba diving what she always wanted and indoor skydiving together and we both can’t get enough of it 

 While looking for as much as possible information together and to order some things for me she became friends with our mentor.

 cathyShe is also a big emotional support for a few other boys around my age who really want to become skydivers and when ppl try to tell her its to dangerous to let your kids do that she tells them “you send yours to the store, statistics say that’s even more dangerous”.

 She thinks its wrong how ppl try to silence us and make us into sheep who walk in line and said she will help us to no only get into the sport but also to see if we can build something up to make it possible for many other boys and girls like us she is an big inspiration for us to follow our dreams and the proof that anything is possible if you really believe in it.

 I do know she will do it as she knows I will succeed, because i am like her."


BIRDMAN: A very touching story that literally and metaphorically touched the sky! We wish you can start your AFF training soon and you can keep on fulfilling your dreams. All the best to you from all our team and Blue Skies mate!!


The 2nd price goes for Boris:


Hi guys!
I'Boris, better known as "Gibolin" in Switzerland and other places. Been flying for 20 years and stopped one fine day, during a great jump with friends around. I've spent 10 years developping wingsuits solo, built 3 great prototypes that worked beyond any expectations. I've quit due to new reality in my life: 3 adorable kids. My new wish in life was to spend more time watching them grow. So I've transferred my skydiving time into daddy's time. What I wish to tell now is that there is a life after skydiving. I was also fed up watching good friends dying from jumping. Now I'm learning surfing in Costa Rica with my wife and kids. No stress, no pressure nor fear anymore. Just pure joy and fun. Have you ever met old skydivers? I mean ages 80 or more? There are just a few, mostly broken everywhere. Here I meet great seniors, riding their longboards in style. I want to be one of the them when I'm old.
Time flies, like the birdmen!
Take advantage of the present moment guys. Fly good and fly safe. There are so many beauties waiting for you later, everywhere around our beautiful planet! Open your mind, see above the horizon!...
Blue Sky, and great rides! 


BIRDMAN:  We loved this story because of it's message that there is life after skydiving as well, especially if you choose another extremesport like surfing or family life! ;-D Congrats mate!


And the 3rd price goes for Björn from Norway:

 I fly because it's the one thing that realy makes me relax! It's terapy to my mind in a stressed familymans daily struggle.

I fly because i realy love to se my friends in the air with the best smile you can possibly get! it's showing pure joy!
I fly because it's me.
Blue skies
BIRDMAN: Björn short but to the point pretty much sums it up why we do it and is a deserved winner! Huge congartulations to all of you, your prices; a handgrafted skydiver's silver pin and gift certificate is in mail!  


 Skydivers Blue Skies Black Death pin from BIRDMANSHOP.