Joey Jones


Joey Jones is a living skydiving legend, competitor, coach, organizer and speedflyer.

  • 1st jump July 1989-21 years skydiving experience and 15000 total jumps
  • 1991 AFF Instructor rating- 1100 total AFF jumps
  • 1991 FAA certified Rigger
  • 1992 Vector Tandem Rating- 500 total Tandems(expired)
  • 1999 Organiced the Colombian National Large Formation Boogie
  • 4 x World Cup Champion 1998, 2002, 2003, 2004
  • World Champion 2004
  • 19 x US National Champion 4-way, 8-way, 10-way, 16-way, 20-way
  • 3 x All Around Champion of the Combined Freefall Events
  • 2000 1st place at Daytona 5000-1st Swoop Competition ever
  • 2000 1st place Carribbean Challenge-2nd Swoop Competition
  • Plane Captian of the Former World Record 300-way
  • 12 years tunnel coaching experience with over 2000 flying hours in 10 different wind tunnels
  • Coached National teams at World level competition from the following countries. Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Sweden Female, USA Female, Belgian.
  • Coached the following teams to medals at world level competitions. USA Female-2001 World Champioships,2002 World Cup Champion and 2003 Bronze Medal. Belgian National Team- Bronze medal World Meet 2008, Silver Medal World Cup 2009, Bronze Medal 2011. Swedish Female team European Bronze medal 2013
  • Organized the first ever Speed Flying expedition in Colombia and Ireland. Opened many new sites and personally trained

BC-R2-13    BM TG Joey




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