Marko Mäkelä


Marko started skydiving 1994 as civilian jump course in military. His first wingsuit flight was trained by Jari Kuosma in Estonia, Parasummer 2005, after waiting for two long years to get his first flight with the wingsuit. Since the FFC he has been mostly soaring the blue skies with his wingsuits around the world. When he is not skydiving you will find him travelling, scuba-diving, photographing or snowboarding.

Total skydives: 2200
Wingsuit jumps: 950+

  • 2008 71 way slot specific big way in Elsinore
  • 2008 The Finnish national 66 way in RW in Dubai (Part of the unofficial 64-way record with Jari Kuosma)
  • 2009 25-way slot specific USPA recogniced Illinois state and US record
  • 2009 68-way slot specific USPA recogniced Californian state,US and Guinness world record
  • 2010 Participated 25-way horizontal wingsuit Diamond,Sibson,UK
  • 2011 Participated 36-way vertical wingsuit Diamond,Skydive Carolina,SC,US
  • 2012 100-way world record in Perris,Ca
  • 2013 Finnish Wingsuit records with longest flight in time and distance.

BMI-F013 (BIRDMAN Instructor), FIN-D license, USPA-D license, Pro Exhibitions Rating

    The most memorable wingsuit flights:
  • Night 3-way wingsuit jump in Z-hills Xmasboogie 2008.
  • C-130 Hercules jump in Ecuador when he was exiting the plane's tailgate first and watching the rest of the skydivers exiting and falling beneath him. On that flight he reached 3 minutes flying for the first time on normal skydiving altitude.









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