Terje Halvorsen is born in 1968 in Norway. He started skydiving in 1990, basejumping in 1996 and wingsuitflying in 2000. His first wingsuit was a BIRDMAN Classic, after some years with the BIRDMAN Classic he advanced to a BIRDMAN GTI. He learned to fly the wingsuit from an airplane. When he became a good wingsuit pilot he took the wingsuit to a cliff and leaped off from it in 2001. Since that time wingsuit has been his passion. He can wait to do another wingsuit flight.

Terje and André Bach are the two producers of the very famous and classic BASE-jumping movies 1st BASE (from 1999) and 2nd BASE (from 2005). See www.oslobase.no.

By March 2014 Terje has more than 1500 skydives, 700 of these are wingsuit and 500 basejumps. Today Terje is flying a BIRDMAN KATANA.

Terje was the first person in the world who jumped out from one plane (Twin Otter) with a wingsuit and flow to another plane (RANS 9 acro) just below for doing a dock at the wingtip and hold on to a bar at the wingtip. Terje now became a part of the wing and the RANS-pilot could now take Terje for a long ride. Together they did this many times. The best of all, the project was authorized by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority and the Norwegian skydiving association as experimental test jumps. These jumps were done in 2012.

Terje is also an active athlete. He likes to scuba dive, go cross country skiing, slalom and bicycling. He spends a lot of time doing these activities. But most of all skydiving and basejumping is his absolute number 1.

Terje has done base demos in front of more than 500.000 spectators in Shanghai in China in 2003 and 2004 from JIN MAO tower. At this time JIN MAO was the fourth highest building in the world and the highest in China. These demos were also live broadcasted at Chinese television.






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