BLADE III is very powerful all-around wingsuit made for experienced wingsuit pilots who want to enjoy their flight from exit to landing. It is balanced perfectly giving pilot 100% control of pitch and speed. It’s drag-reducing quattro–wing platform has large, carved and specially shaped wings for best lift, agility and speed. This gentleman’s race craft comes all included; four wings, semi-rigid ribs & mini-ribs, pockets, inner lining, extra sturdy booties & 10 mm YKK zipper and over the shoulder zip for easy dossing. It will be offered in 5 color scenes.


Salen inquries:


Blade Lines


  • Leading edge: Aerodynamically shaped, transparent reinforced sail material
  • Emergency cut-away arms
  • 10 mm YKK zippers
  • Five (5) reinforced air-intakes with air-locks
  • Hook knife pocket outside
  • Two inner pockets
  • Reinforced 2 mm thick leather bootie
  • High collar
  • 210D double coated extra sturdy nylon
  • Semi-rigid long ribs made from BoPET
  • Semi-rigid short ribs made from BoPET
  • Full, fully breathable inner lining inside
  • Thick protective & reinforced knee & bootie area
  • Mini-ribs


  • Thick moisture absorbing spandex backpad
  • Large air-inlets with airlocks
  • Back deflector with air-pass
  • Reinforced and soft shoulder blade
  • Semi-rigid shaped leading edge
  • Extra long 10 mm YKK zipper
  • Snaps for booties and leg wing